Contract law


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Contract law

A good solid contract and well drafted Standard Terms and Conditions are the basis of any entrepreneurial activity. Negotiation and legal formulation of contracts not only secures the entity own legal position, but also facilitates the pursuit of the resulting claims. Due to the constantly changing legal environment, contract controlling is also growing in importance.

We provide a comprehensive support in all matters of contract law, starting from the advice on the contract type choice, assistance in contract negotiations, to effective signing of the contract. When concluding agreements, we always consider the tax consequences of this or that agreement and inform the clients about them in advance.

  • drafting and negotiating contracts for production and commercial businesses, distribution networks as well as nationwide and international sales networks (commission agreements, agency contracts, franchising and dealership contracts, leasing and rental)
  • preparation and negotiation of typical contracts concluded in business transactions (sales & delivery, transport, agreements for the utilities supplies, order contracts, contracts of work)
  • advice on trading in intellectual property, PR & marketing services, advertising and e-commerce (transfers, licenses, transfer and protection of copyrights, protection of the entrepreneur's good name, use of trademarks, industrial designs, know-how)
  • partnership and shareholders agreements
  • contracts with board members and employees
  • contracts used in consumer transactions
  • contracts for the implementation of investments
  • non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • legal aid in pursuing claims arising under the contracts as well as those related to the assignment of contracts and trade in receivables.