Obligatory KSeF. Significant changes in the new bill

The draft amendment to the VAT law published on March 15, 2023 confirms that the deadline for the introduction of obligatory e-invoicing will be postponed to July 1, 2024. It was also decided to take into account some of the demands of, among others, entrepreneurs, accountants and the IT sector,...

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Income from abroad. How to properly account for them?

The development of remote work and the increasing mobility of workers, phenomena that accelerated during and after the pandemic period, have resulted in an increasing number of taxpayers facing obligations related to the settlement of income earned abroad (as well as the settlement of income earned in Poland by persons...

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Planned changes in the energy performance of buildings

Soon, another step towards the development of green construction in Poland will be made. This will happen due to the new regulation of the Minister of Development and Technology, the draft of which provides, among others, for changes in the methods of determining the energy performance of buildings. The growing...

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