Interest rates and interest. A system of interconnected vessels

The Monetary Policy Council has once again raised NBP interest rates. Although economists had expected a larger increase, this does not change the fact that interest rates have already been raised 10 times since October 2021, resulting in an increase not only in mortgage payments, but also in interest rates...

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Waiting for judgements concerning tax schemes

In the last two years, the subject of tax schemes, which was so much commented upon immediately after the implementation of the amendments to the tax ordinance that concerned them, has lost a lot of its dynamics. However, this may soon change, due to the incompatibility of the provisions on...

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CJEU: the contract (exceptionally) can be an invoice

A contract after the conclusion of which the parties have not issued an invoice may be regarded as an invoice if it contains all the information necessary for the tax authorities of a Member State to establish whether the substantive conditions for the right to deduct VAT are satisfied in...

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Use of private vehicles for business purposes. New mileage rates.

Through an amendment to the regulation for which the Ministry of Infrastructure is responsible, the mileage amount to which employees who use private vehicles for business purposes are entitled will change. Consequently, the monthly lump sum limits for such employees will also be updated. For most drivers, however, the amounts...

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Expansion will bring tax relief only for manufacturers

The tax confusion created by the Polish Deal was a huge burden on corporate HR departments. Accounting - if functioning separately - at the turn of the year measured itself against Estonian CIT, hidden dividends, minimum tax or withholding tax. As a result, there is relatively little interest in new...

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6 months with a test purchase. What should sellers keep in mind?

The institution of a test purchase has been in operation for more than half a year. According to data from the Ministry of Finance, one in four acquisitions ends with a fine imposed on the seller. However, given current economic indicators, including inflation, it can be expected that the number...

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